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The Young Actors Company has three productions on this week at the Mumford Theatre, at Anglia Ruskin:
  • Black Hands/Dead Section, by Van Badham: 7pm, 21st and 23rd March
  • Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson: 7pm, 20th March, and 2pm, 23rd March
  • The White Rose and the Swastika, by Adrian Flynn: 7pm, 19th and 22nd March.

Each production is from one of their age groups; Abi is part of the Upper Stage group, which is putting on The White Rose and the Swastika. It's her first production with them, and she has a principal role, so we're very proud of her!

Publicity has been a bit problematic with this one: normally, they go out into the streets in costume to try to drum up custom, but as you can probably appreciate, the subject material makes that a bit difficult. Do come and watch, and spread the word?
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So, I'm currently sitting in the (rather nice) basement cafe of a church in Richmond, where Mitch Benn has been beavering away for the last 22 and a half hours, writing an album of comedy songs from scratch. Another one and a half hours of the allotted 24 left, and I think you should all go and encourage him by sponsoring him in aid of Red Nose Day (and of course by buying the album in an hour and a half's time.

Meanwhile, the equally talented Budgie is in the home straight on story number 23 of 24 two hundred (exactly) word Flash Fiction (and for the benefit of the Usual Suspects, that's "Flash" with an "F" (although, of course, I can't speak for what's going to be in the last two stories...)) You can (and clearly should!) sponsor him too (particularly since I've just read story number 23) and buy the ebook in a little while when he's done!
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(I promise!)

University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra
St. John's College Chapel, 8pm, tonight

Borodin: Polovtsian Dances
Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto, with me as soloist
Schumann: Symphony No.3
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... to which you should all come!

On this Thursday evening, there's another UCPO concert, in St John's college chapel, starting at 8pm.

In common with last term's concert, I will be playing a violin concerto. Unlike last term's concert, this time I have been allowed to practise beforehand[1]. This is a Good Thing, since the concerto I'm playing is a bit more ambitious... Some of you will also variously know [ profile] fivemack, [ profile] kabarett and [ profile] vaurien, who are also playing.


University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra
St John's College Chapel
Thursday 21st June, 8pm

Borodin: Polovtsian Dances
Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto (soloist: me!)
Schumann: Symphony No.3 ("Rhenish")

[1] Although, annoyingly, I have been ill since the beginning of December[2], so less practice has happened than I would have preferred... Still it should be enjoyable, if slightly less polished than I'd like.

[2] which has left me utterly devoid of energy most of the time, about which I should also write, when I have the energy[2]
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Gilbert and Sullivan's The Mikado

Mumford Theatre (ARU), Cambridge
Wednesday 29th February - Saturday 3rd March, 7.30pm; Matinée Saturday at 2.30pm (this week!)
(I won't be playing on Wednesday, but will be there the rest of the time).

University of Cambridge Philharmonic Orchestra

West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge
Monday 5th March, 8pm

Dukas — The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Bruch — Violin Concerto
Rimsky-Korsakov — Scheherezade

Tickets on the door, or from at one pound less.

I'm playing all the fun violin solos in Scheherezade, so I'm really looking forward to this one.

The Sound of Music (Abi)

ADC Theatre, Cambridge
Tuesday 3rd April - Sunday 8th April (Easter week)
Tuesday-Saturday at 7.30; Sunday at 5pm; Matinées Friday and Saturday at 2.30pm.

Abi's in the performances on Wednesday 4th, Friday 6th, the matinee on Saturday 7th, and Sunday 8th.

Tickets from the ADC's website (selling fast!)


Dec. 23rd, 2009 04:50 am
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Dear brain,

If we're going to have nice fluffy dreams (my tiny baby was chattering away to me enthusiastically at a few days old, I think), could they please not end by dreaming the sound of my Extremely Loud Doorbell at 4am? It's really cold downstairs at the moment...

Thanks ever so,

In other news BT's whelk stall is still inexplicably on fire. I think the title "07:41 pm - [open] 21CN-BRAS-RED1-PE buggered again" on my ISP's status post suggests they're getting a bit bored by it as well.

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In case anyone missed it and is interested, BBC 7 has a dramatisation of Guards! Guards! being broadcast. The first episode was broadcast yesterday (6pm), and it'll be on iPlayer for the next six days.

Melvyn Hayes as Corporal Nobbs makes me smile: he's so well matched to my image of Nobby. Meanwhile, Martin Jarvis' opening narration ("This is where the dragons went") has enormous resonance with Peter Jones' "This is the story of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" :-)

ETA: I now notice that they broadcast Wyrd Sisters the previous week; again, it's still on iPlayer, but the first episode is only there for the next hour.
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Once again I seem to have left this terribly late...

Is anyone looking for a roomshare for GaFilk in January? I'm told I'm a reasonable roommate (although I'm not the tidiest of people); I'm a non-smoker, and allergic to smoke. I'd prefer to share with a woman, if possible.

In the absence of any answers, I'll go ahead and book a room on Wednesday.
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I've just noticed that at some point in the last few weeks, I've been added by a few people. If I recognise your name and know you, I've added you back, but there are a few people ([ profile] brighton64, [ profile] johncoxon and [ profile] dagodfadda) who I don't think I know. Would you like to let me know in a (screened) comment here whether I should know you from somewhere, or whether this was a completely random drive-by friending?

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For their gift day next weekend, Little St Mary's church have two performances of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Trial by Jury". The children and I are all singing, it will be lots of fun, and you should all come and see it!

Performances are at 8pm on Friday 16th June, and at 3pm on Saturday 17th June, in the church (which is next door to Peterhouse). Tickets £6 on the door.

Being horribly disorganised, however, I've lost track of exactly who's already said they're intending to come. Meep. Sorry!


May. 4th, 2006 05:23 pm
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Why has it taken me an entire day yesterday of feeling horribly hot and sweaty, and then eight hours sitting in an unbearably hot office today to remember that WE HAVE AIR CONDITIONING?

*screams gently*
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John Prescott? Ewwwww...
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I'm still counting numbers for a UK order of [ profile] cadhla's "Live at OVFF" CD, but her pre-orders list is getting pretty close to filled up now. Any more orders? Comment on the original post please -- I'll count up tomorrow evening.

Cost is likely (with these numbers of discs) to be around $17, although I'll need to add a little for the ones I need to post, to cover onward postage from here.
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So, out of interest, if I were to try to arrange a bulk shipping of Seanan's "Live at OVFF" CD to the UK, how many people would want to get one?

Yes, I know I said I was never volunteering for anything ever again. Yes, I know I said this on Sunday. So sue me.

Edit: as per Seanan's comments, probably best not to pre-order just yet. Let me count numbers and see if we can make arrangements...

Edit(2): Seanan's now filled her pre-order list, and isn't (at least for now) taking orders from the UK other than the 23 pre-orders. Sorry!


Mar. 17th, 2006 12:43 pm
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... just because.

On the other hand, I have no idea what to do with the other thirty-one slots that I appear now to have...
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No, I haven't written one yet. Yes, I probably will (although I still seem not to have got round to one after FilkContinental last October...)

Brief version: great weekend, wonderful people, amazing music, would have been even better without so much smoke. Lots of singing, lots of playing; people generally seemed to like my playing, which was nice. I want to sleep for about a week now.

However, mostly for my own benefit, here are the reports I've seen so far... )

Do point me at others that I've missed?

And meanwhile, the announcements for next year. Yay! We get a [ profile] cadhla!
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Yay! Apparently we're just about to get (starting tonight) Supernatural here!

*bounces*, particularly at [ profile] cadhla, and goes to program the video...
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... of one of the most talented people I know. A writer, a musician, with a lovely sense of humour and a voice to die for, and one of the most astoundingly prolific and exuberant people I've ever (not quite yet) met. Happy birthday, [ profile] cadhla.
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I want to be able to take my violin with me when I go out to America on Friday. However, it lives in a double case with my viola, and I don't really want to take both; the case is also rather big to take on a plane. So: I don't suppose any of my Cambridge friends have a spare violin case that I could borrow? Or wouldn't mind doing a swap and looking after my viola, if that was easier?
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